Board of Directors



Laurie Socha (2019)
S.A.M. (Management) Inc.
425 Elgin Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3A 1P2
Bus. Phone: 204-946-3600
Email: lsocha>(@)<

Past President:
Menno Peters (2018)
Winnipeg Housing & Rehabilitation Corp.
60 Frances Street
Winnipeg MB R3A 1B5
Bus. Phone: 204-949-2886
Email: mpeters<(@)>

Vice President:
Joanne Schmidt (2020)
Bethel Place
100 – 445 Stafford Street
Winnipeg MB R3M 3V9
Bus. Phone: 204-284-3762
Email: jsbethelplace<(@)>

Rob Starkell (2019 – completed vacated term)
Westman Lions Manor
35 Victoria Avenue East
Brandon MB R7A 1Y7
Bus. Phone: 204-727-4911
Email: rob<(@)>

Karl Falk (2020)
DSI Tandem Co-op Resources Ltd
Unit 4A – 600 Clifton Street
Winnipeg MB R3G 2X6
Bus. Phone: 204-989-5921
Email: kfalk<(@)>


Lawrence Poirier (2018)
Kinew Housing Inc.
394 MacGregor Street
Winnipeg MB R2W 4X5
Bus. Phone: 204-956-5093
Email: lpoirier.kinew<(@)>

Ryan Hildebrand (2018 – completing vacated term)
Eden Health Care Services
Box 129
309 Main Street
Winkler MB R6W 4A4
Bus. Phone: 1-866-895-2919
Email: ryan<(@)>

Debbie Van Ettinger (2019)
Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Incorporated
1010 Sinclair Street
Winnipeg, MB R2V 3H7
204-339-9268 or toll free at 1-800-601-8780.
Email: info<(@)>

Paullette Simkins (2020 – rural)
Canadian Mental Health Association
43 Fox Bay
Thompson, MB R8N 1E9
Bus. Phone: 1-204-677-6050
Email: director<(@)>

Peter Sanderson (2018)
Carriage House
535 Leila Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2V 3N5
Bus. Phone: 1-204-792-7044
Email: petesanderson<(@)>

Gordon Westley (2020)
Chesterfield Housing
B11-30 Chesterfield Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2M 1T6
Email: gwestley<(@)>