National, provincial non-profit housing associations team up to help social housing providers understand how expiring federal funding will affect them.


September 25, 2012

A coalition partnership of six non-profit housing associations from across Canada has joined forces to develop a common financial assessment tool for use by social housing providers.  This tool will help providers better understand the financial impact that expiring federal funding will have on their operations and, as a result, their ability to effectively serve their low-income tenants.


The six coalition partners are:

  •  the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association,
  •  the British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association,
  •  the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association,
  •  the New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association,
  •  the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, and
  •  the Réseau québécois des OSBL d’habitation


For over 40 years social housing has been funded through operating agreements between social housing providers and the federal government.  Across Canada over 600,000 low-income households live in social housing and pay geared-to-income rents normally set at 30 per cent or 25 per cent of household income.  This makes the housing affordable for these households.


At present, these operating agreements – between 25 and 50 years in duration –  have begun to expire with many more set to do so in the coming years.  While the expiration of these agreements normally corresponds with the end of a social housing provider’s mortgage, many providers will still have significant costs even though they no longer have a mortgage payment.  This is because their rental revenues are required to be low and must cover ongoing and rising operating costs along with provisions for capital repair and replacement costs.


The assessment tool being distributed to social housing providers will enable them to enter data for a range of variables and receive an instant assessment of financial viability once federal funding ends.


The Addressing the Expiring Subsidy Challenge assessment tool can be found on the websites of all the coalition partners:

  • the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association –


CLICK HERE to see the assessment tool
CLICK HERE to view the accompanying guide to the tool