Q. What is the background and mandate of the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA)?

The MNPHA was incorporated in June 2011. Our founding members and member organizations established the association in response to the changing funding and regulatory landscape of affordable housing and the desire to improve and strengthen our professional and organizational effectiveness and sustainability.
The MNPHA mandate is to “build, support and strengthen its members who are diverse non-profit housing providers in Manitoba through services, educational opportunities and advocacy.


Q. What is the MNPHA current role and purpose?

The MNPHA is a member controlled and supported organization that is accountable to its membership through its Board of Directors, drawn from and selected by the membership at the annual general meeting.
The main role of MNPHA, as directed by our membership, includes the following pursuits and priorities:

  • Providing our members valuable programs and services that support them to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing across Manitoba
  • Developing the capacity of the Non-Profit Housing sector through
    professional development opportunities, networking, and knowledge exchange
  • Advocating on behalf of members with government, funders and other stakeholders on issues of importance to the sector
  • Building partnerships within the non-profit housing sector and with other sectors that support resilience, relevance, and innovation

Our current priorities are as follows:

  • Developing and offering an array of cost-saving, supportive services to members
  • A comprehensive education program, including our annual Building Partnerships conference. This year we will focus on increased education related to succession planning
  • Supporting members with end of operating agreement planning
    resources and tools, and with applicable services post end of operating agreements
  • Providing members leading-edge information on the sector,
    including trends, gaps, and success stories
  • Forging mutually beneficial partnership opportunities, including with and amongst members, government, and business
  • Advocating on behalf of members in regards to numerous financial, legal and regulatory requirements and restrictions that impact our member organizations, including influencing federal, provincial, and municipal housing strategies


Q. What is non-profit housing?

Simply defined, non-profit housing is housing that is owned and managed by private non-profit groups.   The goal of all non-profit housing providers is to provide adequate, appropriate, housing that balances the common goals of being both affordable and sustainable.   Non-profit housing exists to meet the needs of low and moderate income Manitobans.   Collectively we serve the shelter needs of Manitoba’s diverse population by offering a variety of affordable housing programs, including mixed, shared, youth, family, alternative, cooperative, specific need, enriched, and supportive options.


Q. How can I become a member or associate member?

Membership is simple.  Go to our Membership Info page.  There you will find links for downloading a membership form and to an online application form. You may also contact our administrative office at 204-797-6746.

Manitoba Housing supports membership of MNPHA.  Check with your Portfolio Administrator to confirm membership, courses and the conference are covered in your operating agreement.

Please also let us know on the application form if you are interested in volunteering your time, including on our Board or on one of our committees, or if you have any ideas, interests or needs you would like assistance with or otherwise considered by the association.