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How to access the COVID-19 Response Forum

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  1. Type in a browser and locate the Forum button on the top right menu, or type:
  2. You do not need to register to view all posts, replies and attachments. But you do need to register in order to participate, reply to any posts, or subscribe to receive e-mails when information is added to the forum.
  3. To sign-up, click Register to create a user name and password. Please record your username and password on a piece of paper or save it in your browser – we do not have access to your password information, though there is an automated “lost my password” feature.
    • After you register, you need sign-in.
    • Enter your username to login, not your email address.
    • If you have trouble creating an account, contact Si at 204-997-4022.
  4. Click on a theme, and you can view questions that have already been asked/discussions that have been started. Or, you can create your own by clicking on the blue box that says “Add Topic.”
  5. You are automatically subscribed to the Question you asked, and an email notification will be sent to you if there's a reply.
  6. You can choose to opt out of e-mails by unchecking the box at the bottom of the text box that says “subscribe to this topic.”
  7. Please make the topics specific, and try to group them under a logical theme. MNPHA will moderate and reorganize as we go.
  8. Please read the Forum Posting Guidelines before you post.
  9. When you reply, we encourage you to share the documents you use to communicate with your team or tenants, as an attachment, so others can reference them and use them.
  10. You can view/change which threads you get e-mails from under "Subscriptions”.
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