Report on Homelessness Strategy Stakeholder Engagement

Province Releases “What we Heard” Report on Homelessness Strategy Stakeholder Engagement
The engagement report included the following feedback related to housing:
  • There is emphasis on a major expansion of social housing to meet current needs, which is particularly acute in northern and rural communities
  • Manitoba needs a range of transitional and supportive housing options, including congregate living (for people not ready or willing to live independently, especially those going through transitions) and independent living
  • There is need for more housing with 24/7 on site support workers for people with higher support needs
  • Housing defined as “affordable housing” is often not accessible for people with low incomes
  • Vulnerable renters often need ongoing support and outreach…too often, individuals receive assistance to find housing, but then are left without support to maintain their tenancy
  • Capital and operating funding are both essential. Housing programs require funds to sustain the capital, as well as service delivery, to be successful
You can read the full report here