$5.6 Million Rent Bank Funding Announced

The Manitoba government is providing $5.6 million to the Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA) to deliver a rent bank program that will support stable housing for low-income to moderate-income families.

The Manitoba Rent Bank will provide interest-free loans to tenants who are behind in their rent or need to move to housing that is more suitable. The program will be administered through the MNPHA and will be delivered regionally through local rent banks.

“Through partnerships with organizations like SEED Winnipeg, End Homelessness Winnipeg and other community resources, this initiative will provide the short-term financial help along with the longer-term supports people need to maintain their housing,” said Christina Maes Nino, executive director, MNPHA. “No landlord wants to evict someone because they are struggling financially and this will be a critical resource to keep people housed.”

Rent banks are a leading practice in stabilizing housing for those in need and have proven effective in helping to prevent homelessness. COVID-19 has disproportionately affected low-income households and this will be one more tool to stabilize housing in Manitoba.

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Watch for updates on the website: Manitobahelps.com

Do you need help now?

The program is not yet available. It will be available through an online/phone application by May 31. Watch this site for details.

SEED Winnipeg hosts a Community Financial Helpline that can help determine your eligibility for other financial supports and benefits. The Community Financial Helpline can be reached by calling or texting 431-813-4357 (431-813-HELP) or toll-free at 1-855-955-4234 (1-855-955-4CFH). The Community Financial Helpline can assist with tax filing questions, obtaining identification, federal COVID-19 recovery benefits, and other income supports such as Employment and Income Assistance, provincial benefits, and credits such as the Canada Child Benefit. The helpline can also connect you to debt management, and credit counseling services.  The Community Financial Helpline is being provided in partnership with Community Financial Counselling Services, Community Unemployed Help Centre and the Immigrant Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba.

Depending on your income last year, you may also qualify for Rent Assist, which can help with rent payments on a monthly basis: https://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/eia/non_rentassist_facts.html

If you are looking for help with utility payments, the Neighbours Helping Neighbours program may also be available. You can learn more about the program here