Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

National Housing Co-Investment Fund

The Co-Investment Fund provides grants and financing for new affordable housing construction and existing affordable housing renewal and repair.

MNPHA hosted an educational session with CMHC on this funding stream. The power point slides from the session are available here. Or for more information you can contact Terry Wotton, CMHC’s Affordable Housing Specialist for Manitoba: [email protected]; 204-318-1772

CMHC – Seed Funding for Housing Development

The Seed Funding program supports affordable housing through interest-free loans and/or non-repayable contributions. There are two funding streams: one for new construction/conversions, and one to preserve existing community housing projects. Information is available here

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro offers a number of financing and grant programs to increase energy efficiency for new or existing homes through the Affordable Energy Program. Loans and/or grants are available for insulation, heating system upgrades, and energy saving items. A list of the programs and eligibility is available here

The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg Foundation has a number of granting programs for charitable organizations or partnerships, including Community Grants for:

  • Children, Youth & Families
  • Literacy, Education & Employment
  • Health, Wellness & Recreation
  • Environment & Animal Welfare
  • Arts, Culture & Heritage
Organizational Development Grants are new program designed to help Winnipeg charitable organizations build their capacity for stability today and sustainability in the future. The grant can fund activities that build the capacity of the organization through planning, training, evaluations, studies, or accreditation.

Community Foundations

Manitoba is home to over 50 community foundations, which guide volunteer efforts and financial support to organizations like MNPHA’s members. Most community foundations require charitable status to access their funding, but many allow non-profits to partner with a charity when they have shared mandates. Find your local community foundation here

MB Community Grants program

The Building Sustainable Communities Program replaces seven legacy grant programs.
Who can apply?
Municipalities and local authorities such as planning districts and Northern Affairs Community Councils, non-profit organizations and charitable organizations

What activities are eligible?

Planning activities; organizational capacity building; community or regional initiatives; community, culture or recreation capital infrastructure projects

Funding is available for up to 50 per cent of eligible expenses to a maximum of $75,000. Applications are due May 22 and December 15.

More information is available here

Elderly and Infirm Persons Housing License

The Elderly and Infirm Persons Housing Act provides school tax exempt status for units that meet specific size, tenant age, and rent-to-income ratio criteria. Most projects developed under operating agreements qualify for this program, and size guidelines were grandfathered; post-operating agreement, the age and rent-to-income ratio requirements still apply, though it can be for only a portion (100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%) of units. While units become exempt from the school tax, they are treated as “institutional” and move into a different municipal tax category. Download the application form here and MNPHA has created a template for calculating the tax changes associated with the License, you can download it as an excel document here.

Financing Opportunities

Jubilee Fund

The Jubilee Fund provides flexible financing in the form of loan guarantees and/or bridge financing for worthy projects who do not qualify for traditional financing. Visit for more info.

Assiniboine Credit Union

ACU offers flexible financing for non-profits and cooperatives through a dedicated Community Financial Centre. For more information, please visit:

First National Financial LP End of Operating Agreement Revitalization Program

The End of Operating Agreement (EOA) Revitalization Program provides low cost loans to housing providers at or near the end of their operating agreements. This program is aimed at those housing providers that have expired operating agreements, those planning for the end of their operating agreement or providers looking to payout their agreement early.  Municipalities, non-profit housing providers, Co-op (excluding equity Co-op’s) or anyone with a current Section 95 and Section 26/27 or any housing provider in a federal or provincial operating agreement are also eligible for the program.

Information is available on First National LP’s website