Spirit of Housing Awards 2019

Nominations are now open!

Nominate someone you know who has the spirit of housing

The Spirit of Housing Awards celebrate our leaders’ successes and achievements. The awards will be presented at the 7th Annual Building Partnerships Conference November 19, 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We’re proud of our members.  We know you’re proud of each other, and we thank everyone who submits nominations for this year’s awards.  Click on the awards below to find out more about the awards and their criteria for judging.

What are the Spirit of Housing Awards about?

MNPHA’s mission is to build a thriving, sustainable non-profit housing sector.  We work together with our members to promote housing excellence through the MNPHA Awards.  Spirit of Housing Awards recognize and reward individuals (staff, board members and tenants), groups and non-profits who have made an outstanding contribution to the quality of non-profit housing.

Need More Information? Do you want to submit a nomination?

Contact Christina Maes Nino at 204-797-6746 or by email  <[email protected]>

You can download the full Spirit of Housing Awards information package here

Spirit of Community Award

Honours an individual or organization whose significant support and committed partnership have contributed towards building a thriving, sustainable non-profit housing sector in Manitoba.

Spirit of Community Nomination Form

Previous Award Recipients
2018 – Assiniboine Credit Union

Spirit of Achievement Award

Recognizes a tenant or tenants associated with an MNPHA housing provider member who made a meaningful contribution towards making their own non-profit a better place to live, the well being of their neighbourhood and fostered connections among tenants and others within their community.

Spirit of Achievement Nomination Form

Previous Award Recipients
2018 – Victoria Seniors Association
2017 – Charles Huband, Westminister Housing Society
2016 – Carriage House North Volunteer Residents
2014 – Fred Douglas Place Residents’ Association & Council
2013 – Dawn Sands
2012 – Bethel Place Activities Club

Spirit of Service Award

Honours an employee or volunteer that helped make their non-profit a better place to live and who serves as a model to employees and volunteers across Manitoba.

Spirit of Service Nomination Form

Previous Award Recipients
2018 – Donna Breen, Winnipeg Housing and Rehabilitation Corporation (posthumously)
2017 – Janette Brown, Western Manitoba Seniors Non-Profit Housing Co-op, Brandon
2016 – Hart Kapitloer
2014 – Sara Riel Inc., Diane Lau
2013 – Darrell Jones
2012 – Bernice Marmel

Harry Lehotsky Spirit of Leadership Award

Honours the memory of Harry Lehostky, a long time champion and advocate of housing. It is given to a person in our community whose energy and vision has contributed a lasting legacy to the cause of non-profit housing in Manitoba.

Spirit of Leadership Nomination Form

Previous Award Recipients
2018 – James Friesen
2017 – Menno Peters
2016 – George Taylor (posthumously)
2014 – Ken Cassin
2013 – Joe Redpath and Ken Murdoch
2012 – Harry Lehostky

Nomination Writing Tips

Use the criteria as your guide:  Structure the details in your submission around the criteria of the award.  This makes it easier to see why your nominee has the right stuff to win!

Be concise:  A submission that is overly long or repetitive is more difficult to read. Remember to be clear and summarize.

Be specific:  Show us how your candidate has contributed to specific outcomes.  ie. Did your non-profit build new units?  Measurable outcomes and specific details help the Committee better under your success!

Tell a story:  Tell us a story that illustrates why your nominee is special.  What do you have, or do, that makes them stand out among the crowd?  Every person and organization has their own “personality” let is shine through in your submission!