Conference 2020

Conference: A New Format

Join us for this year’s MNPHA virtual conference! In 2020, the Building Partnerships conference will be held in a new format, consisting of:

  1. A virtual kick-off event on October 20, 2020;
  2. Eight virtual education sessions (November 2020 to February 2021);
  3. A virtual Trade Show in conjunction with the education sessions;
  4. An in-person networking event in February or March 2021.*

* Depending on public health requirements regarding distancing and group size. Additional food/beverage fees may apply.



       Series 1 – Funding and Financing      Registry options for Series 1    Series 2 – Tenant Health and Well-being  Registry options for Series 2   Series 3 – Leadership and Governance  Registry options for Series 3 Series 4 – Partnerships and CollaborationsRegistry options for Series 4



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