Non-Profit Housing providers in Manitoba each manage their applications and wait lists independently. Direct service staff who work with people in housing need have found various ways to support people to apply for housing, but find the process frustrating, confusing, and full of barriers for potential tenants. As social housing is increasingly provided by non-profits, there is concern that the housing search and application process will become more fragmented.

Manitoba Housing changed its application process relatively recently. While there have been a number of successes in its approach, there are opportunities to make adjustments so that it works better for tenants and for communities.

In Ottawa, The Registry was started by a consortium of non-profit housing providers to create a shared, consistent, and centralized application for their units. This resource is an example of sector collaboration that can create greater efficiency in Manitoba.

On October 17, Ishbel Solvason-Wiebe presented on The Registry. Watch the full video of her presentation below, or download the power point slides for a summary.
Ishbel also shared a great resource The Registry uses when they mail out information regarding housing application update requirements: it is a document translated into multiple languages telling people that the information enclosed is important. You can download it here.
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