The Housing Supports Initiative provides funding for programs and services for individuals and families as they transition from homelessness, or face the risk of homelessness, to ensure successful tenancies.
In March of 2021, the Province of Manitoba provided MNPHA with $2.56 million in funding to be allocated
to community partners that would create and expand support services for individuals and families facing
housing precarity and homelessness.
Through consultation with the community on how to best distribute the funds, MNPHA developed the
Housing Supports Initiative.  The funding was distributed to organizations throughout Manitoba’s non-profit
housing and homelessness sectors via a peer-reviewed call for proposals process.
The Province of Manitoba has renewed the Housing Supports Initiative funding, providing a further $1.3
million to be used by the Initiative to the end of 2024.
The Housing Supports Initiative is currently funding 18 unique projects that expand the capacity of non-
profit housing and partner organizations across Manitoba to promote successful tenancies for those exiting and at risk of homelessness. With the funding, these organizations can now offer a broad range of programs for tenants, including help accessing EIA and other social services, transportation, mental health and addictions care, budgeting, and life skills education.
The funds also allow programs to provide case management, community outreach, and increase sector capacity through education and partnerships.
The reach of the Initiative has expanded steadily since its implementation in 2021. In the most recent reporting period, over 800 households were being supported to prevent eviction, a nearly 150% increase since
the start of 2023. 88% of supported households reported that they remained stably housed at 3- and 12-
months post intervention. Since October 2023, over 750 interventions were made to connect participants to
income, employment, education, and job training.
The Housing Supports Initiative is an important project for Manitobans facing housing precarity or
homelessness. With the lack of safe, affordable, and accessible housing in Manitoba, the programs funded
through the Initiative are needed now more than ever.

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