Sector Transformation

The Government of Manitoba has the objective of exiting most aspects of the direct management of affordable housing assets over the next five years. The Manitoba Housing Action Plan (2019-2022) describes a move to housing delivery that promotes community-led solutions. This will involve transferring the management of units through sponsor management agreements and identifying properties to sell to the community housing sector, where it is financially feasible.

Manitoba Housing will “play a greater role as a funder and capacity builder, and promote collaboration in the strengthening of the community housing sector.” Currently, Manitoba Housing is undertaking an assessment and appraisal of all its assets to guide the next step in devolution, with the report anticipated to be complete in October, 2021.

Non-profit housing providers are already managing a significant portion of subsidized housing. They have the proven track record, expertise, community partnerships and value base to be the primary partners in community housing delivery. They will preserve the investment of billions of dollars of public funds in social housing assets and continue serving households in need.

The Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA) has developed a strategy to support the non-profit sector to prepare itself to double its management capacity in the next 5 years to ensure a successful transformation. This strategy includes supporting partnerships of non-profit organizations to leverage the expertise they already have and form regional housing organizations, developing sector wide support services, and providing expertise to support the transformation.

Please contact us if you/your organization is contemplating participating in community delivery in some way and need assistance.

For more information you can read about our Sector Transformation Strategy
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